Saturday, February 1, 2020

Perfectly Beautiful Day

How wonderful to sit at this breakfast table today!

Dave's dad and mom still live in their home, the home they bought in the mid 1960's, where Dave and his siblings were raised! It's always a treat to come "home" and be with them here.

Dave and his dad went to a funeral this morning for Caroline Graumann, wife of Tom, who wrote Twice Rescued Child, a story about being rescued in the Holocaust by Nicholas Winton. This was a story Tom used to tell, and God used powerfully, on our EXIT Tours in Czech public schools.

Tom and Caroline were missionaries in the Philippines when Dave's parents were there in the 1950's, and then years later God brought them to Czech where we connected with them. Dave was so glad to get to be there to honor Caroline, and express his condolences to Tom, who is now 90.

In the afternoon, Dave and I walked down his childhood street, enjoying the unusually warm Colorado winter day!

Dave's sister, Joyce, and her husband, David, live nearby dad and mom so it's just a short walk over to their house.

Of course Dave and his sister grew up together so have known each other their whole lives! But all four of us have been friends for a long time - forty years for Dave, David and Joyce, and thirty six years for me with all of them! It's always so special to get time together with family who are also friends!

In every way, today was a perfectly beautiful day! Time with family, honoring a life, and enjoying God's beauty in Colorado!

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