Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Behind the Scenes

While JV board meeting was taking place here in Arizona today, Amy and I got to spend time with our newest board member's wife, Kelly, who had just flown in from Minnesota.

Do you ever meet someone and think, "Haven't we known each other for years already?" That's how it felt to spend the day with Kelly! We discovered "True Food Kitchen" in Scottsdale together, and enjoyed lunch out on their patio, talking as if we'd been friends for years.

After the meeting, while board members waited for shuttles to the airport, Amy and I got to hang out with another dear friend, Theresa, who we literally HAVE known for years!

Theresa serves with JV in our home office in Wheaton, doing so many different jobs it's hard to even  know what her title might be. "Sacrificial, Servant-hearted, Do-Everything Excellently with a Godly spirit teammate"?

Yes, I think that's a great title for her! I've known Theresa for 29 years, and have been blessed by, ministered to, cared for, mentored and loved on by her all those years. I can't say enough about what an amazing woman of God she is!

Once she and everyone else who'd been here for JV board meeting had taken off for the airport from the hotel, Dave and I spent the evening together, marveling at all God has done in bringing together such a great team of people who serve JV behind the scenes so that our teammates across the ocean can do all that God's called them to do in ministry there.

What a privilege to know and serve with so many wonderful people!

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