Monday, February 24, 2020

Off to Krakow

Last night a special visitor arrived at our house!

This is Allison, Haley's older sister, who lives in Ireland with her husband! She flew in to spend the week at our house with Caleb, Haley and Charlie as they continue to wait for baby girl to be born.

Somebody was still tired after his nap!

This week, Dave and I, along with Haley and Ally's parents (who serve with us in JV, in Slovakia), will be in Krakow for our JV marriage conference. Claire will be there too, helping to take care of the seven JVK* infants coming with their parents. And Tyler and Lara are coming as attendees! So someone from the family needed to be close by in case baby girl comes, and the perfect person was Ally!

Caleb, Haley, Charlie and Ally were at the hospital today for Haley's weekly check-up, to make sure all is well with baby girl. She's now two days over her due date, so she could come any time. All is well so we praise Lord for that. She's just not quite ready to make her entrance!

This afternoon Caleb took me to meet up with Dave so we could travel on to Krakow.

As we said goodbye, the big question in all of our minds was, "Will your baby girl be here the next time we see you?"

Tonight we are safely tucked into our hotel here in Krakow, awaiting all of the JV couples (there are 105 of them coming...that's over 200 people!) who will arrive tomorrow.

This is always such a special week when we have marriage retreat. Pray for us all, that God will draw us closer to our spouses, and deepen our love for each other!

*Josiah Venture Kids

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