Thursday, February 27, 2020

Precious Baby Girl!

Just as Dave and I finished our morning session here in Krakow at JV Marriage retreat, I received a message and picture from Caleb saying, "Guess where we are?"!!!

While we're at our retreat, Caleb, Haley and Charlie, along with Haley's sister who'd come to be with them from Ireland, were at our house waiting for the imminent birth of baby girl.

Haley's water broke this morning while at home, and they got this photo with Charlie before heading to the hospital in Ostrava.

Their teammates in Albania happened to still be in the conference room when we got the news, so we quick took a celebratory picture with them!

As the afternoon went on, we got periodic updates on how Haley's labor was progressing - I'll never forget standing here with the view out across the square, hearing Dave talk on the phone with Caleb before we started our next session...wondering if baby girl would come before we were done.

But no, by the time we finished at 5:30, there was still no news.

Dave and I went into a dinner with some pastors and elders from the States who had come to see us here, and meet some of our JV teammates. All through dinner, I kept checking my phone.

We finished dinner, and still no news, so I ran up to our room to drop off some things before going back down to another meeting with the group from the States, and some more of our teammates.

Just as I was about to walk out the door of our room, I got a text and pictures!!!! 😍

Jenna Charis Patty was born at 7:06 PM!!

Caleb said that Haley and Jenna were doing great!

Jenna's name (a surprise for all of us as Caleb and Haley like to do that!) means heaven's kindness and grace - Charis (pronounced Kuh-reese) is the Greek word for grace.

She is a beautiful gift to Caleb, Haley and Charlie, and to all the rest of her family who is celebrating her birth today!!

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