Monday, June 22, 2020

Leading Through Coronavirus

This morning I came downstairs to our kitchen and found this happening.

No, that's not Dave. He was in his office.

But he and his brother, Josh (who is here from Slovenia right now) were on the same Zoom call this morning with all the country leaders of JV, spread out across Central and Eastern Europe!

During these past 3 months of living in lockdown because of COVID-19, these two have been meeting every Monday morning with all the country leaders to lead them to lead their teams through this unusual time.

People have asked Dave if he's enjoyed a break during the pandemic; but the truth is, he's worked harder than ever to lead through this challenge. He and Josh both care about God's mission here, and have gone to great lengths, and personal sacrifice, to up their leadership care during this time.

I'm so proud of both of them, and thankful for their godly wisdom and determined tenacity that keeps them going though the circumstances of life that God sends their way.

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