Friday, June 12, 2020

Asher is Three!

It's our Asher's 3rd birthday today, and we're having a dinosaur party for him at his request!

Notice the additional dinosaurs being held by his brother to the left! 🤣 You can't plan for this to happen!

Asher was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee three years ago, while Tyler, Lara and Judah lived with Lara's parents as they were raising support. He moved here as a seven month old. It's hard to believe how much he's grown since then. What joy to watch that process up close!

We gave Asher the choice of when to open presents - before or after dinner. He chose before! So we gathered in the living room with presents from us, Tyler, Lara and Judah, and his family back in the States!

Oh how we all love this tender-hearted, kind, sweet and good-natured boy!!

And look at these brothers! I love how they love each other ("Well done on the parenting of that Tyler and Lara!"). Asher was receiving Judah's gift to him...three dinosaurs figures!

And then it was time to unwrap his gift from us that I wrote about HERE the other day.

He barely had the paper off when he exclaimed with his delightful giggle, "It's Pat a Mat"! (That's how we say it in Czech).

I wish I'd captured his goofy grin as the paper came off and he asked to lay down under it! You'll just have to believe me that it was a hit!

Aunt Claire's gift was up next...a fantastic super hero costume!

He makes a fierce looking "Flash" doesn't he?!

Again, I wish you could see and hear the giggles as he ran around pretending to be a super hero!

After gifts were finished being unwrapped, we worked at getting dinner ready, while daddy, Judah and he played one of his new games...a classic!

To hear him say "thank you" after each gift that had been so lovingly chosen for him, was positively  endearing! This little man has our hearts and we love him so much!

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