Friday, June 26, 2020

Sea Therapy

This afternoon was the first ever JV Board meeting online, due to the fact that no one could travel to Chicago for the regularly scheduled meeting.

The good news is that Dave was able to be here on Hvar for that meeting, and afterwards take me down to the sea for a swim!

I'm sure every country has their tried and true, non-conventional, answers to various health problems, and yesterday when I went for a massage and it didn't help the pain in my back, I was "prescribed" Croatia's answer: a swim in the sea!

And it was definitely soothing, in more ways than one! The sights, the sounds and the feel of the very salty ocean water holding you up as you float was perfect.

It didn't take away the pain in my upper back (as nothing has for the past month), but I'll go back again and swim just for the joy of being down here!

Oh how I love this part of God's beautiful creation!!

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