Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Life in the Zoo

I'm sure there are many people throughout the world who have wildlife around them, unless you happen to live downtown in a city. I've heard that during this pandemic wildlife has even  returned to some cities, so maybe you're even seeing it there.

In our corner of the world, in the countryside of Czech, we have our fair share of wildlife,  as I captured this evening out the back door.

We regularly see deer like this, grazing around looking for something to eat. We specifically put a fence around our garden this year in hopes of protecting that! This deer was checking out our blueberry bushes but I saw him first and scared him off.

He headed over towards the garden, but by the time I went around front he was gone. Thankfully!

Besides the deer we have wild giant rabbits, martins, squirrels, gophers, hedgehogs and currently a lot of mice who are working to undermine our garden attempts! Dave and Tyler and are working hard to thwart them.

While it's sometimes a delicate balance to live alongside these creatures God made, who seem to like our yard and the feast it provides them, I'm thankful to live here, getting glimpses of another facet of God's creation right outside my window!

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