Saturday, June 6, 2020

A New Normal

During the months of quarantine here in the Czech Republic, our family was able to be together every week-end thanks to regulations that allowed that for families. I took it as an extraordinary grace and mercy from the Lord to spend that time with them.

But now we are all in the process of getting back to more normal life as the coronavirus restrictions are being eased; Caleb and Haley have returned to Albania, and the rest of us are going on with our lives and ministry here.

And yet, we had a sweet Saturday afternoon with Tyler, Lara and the boys!

This is the first time they've been back since Caleb and Haley left. It took a little bit for all of us to adjust to that change as it feels empty without them; Judah and Asher kept saying that they missed Charlie!

But blue skies and warm sunshine definitely lifted our spirits and brought smiles to our face; as did Tyler's espresso tonic (a yummy cold coffee drink) that he brought out to us in the yard on this gorgeous early summer day.

Bare feet, blanket on the grass, hose in the garden, harvesting lettuce, all the while having sweet conversation made for a delightful Saturday afternoon as we adjust to our new normal.

Asher was completely content to just spray water on a warm Saturday afternoon in the garden!

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