Thursday, June 25, 2020

Unusually Quiet

For the past month I've been having upper back pain that hasn't been solved by any solutions, medicines, therapies or doctors yet. So today here on the island of Hvar, I'm off to try yet another possibility from a gal I've seen for massage in years past. 

It was shocking to see how few people are in Hvar Town, and how many shops are not open.

Normally these streets would be FULL of vacationers, but today they are very quiet.

There are a few restaurants open, with fewer tables than usual out on the square. And just a few shops are open along the well worn streets normally packed with people.

But most shocking of all was the riva, the waterfront, that's normally filled with yachts and tour boats.

Today it's so peaceful you can hear the water lapping at the edge of the sea wall.

You definitely feel the impact of the worldwide pandemic that has reached all the way here to this pretty place in the middle of the Adriatic.

And did my massage help? Not really. 😢

While it was pleasant, she wasn't able to release the pain using her usual methods. I'll keep praying for healing, and for God to reveal His answer to my cries for help.

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