Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Easing Back into Life

Yesterday, the JV office in Frydlant was opened, and our team returned to work there, after being away since mid-March when stay-at-home orders were given by the government due to the spread of coronavirus.

Dave usually works at the office every day when we're not traveling, so it was a big day for him to return after working in his office at home all these months.

When I said goodbye to him this morning it was a little like waking up from a three and a half month nap and saying, "Where did that time go??"

Of course we know where it went ... and we were definitely not sleeping during it! But it is strange to emerge back into the world that we left in late winter, and are entering into again in early summer. Every week restrictions are loosening, and soon we'll not even be wearing masks when we're in stores. European borders are due to open in the coming days/weeks, and we all hope and pray for the best - that the virus will not have a second wave to it.

For now, we're thankful to be easing back into normal life, and adjusting to what our lives will be like "post-pandemic".

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