Saturday, June 20, 2020

With Her from Afar

In the summer of 1980, I met someone who would become my lifelong best friend, Michelle Watson.

We have journeyed through so much life with each other these forty years! And today, we were supposed to be together for a very significant event in her life.

Today, Michelle is getting married in Portland, Oregon, to the love of her life, Ken Canfield!

But instead of being there with her, we had to be at peace with connecting by FaceTime as she prepared to leave home and head to the church for the wedding.

I was to have been her matron of honor so it's a great loss to not be there to celebrate on this day. However she and I know how to make lemonade with lemons! We talked while she finished last details at her house, and then as she drove to the church, I prayed over her and Ken, and the new life they are about to step into.

It's surreal that COVID-19 is keeping us separated right now; but there is also great peace in both of our hearts that this was God's good plan, even though we would have chosen a different one.

At least I got to "drive up to the church" with her!

Her friend of many years, Alex, is wearing the dress I would have worn today, and Michelle's adopted daughter (adopted in heart!) will be her matron of honor.

This is Alex, who is not only Michelle's friend, but hairdresser! So she was at the church early to meet Michelle to get started on hair!

For our FaceTime today, I wore a dress Michelle bought me, had on shoes I'd purchased for the wedding, and was wearing earrings that I'd bought in Portland months ago in anticipation of her wedding day. I'd also lit a special candle she bought me the last time we were together, when I got to shop with her for her wedding dress.

And I held a heart she gave me years ago, that sits on my dresser as a reminder of our precious friendship.

While I wish like anything I could be there with her today, I'll be there in spirit and in prayer, blessing her into this new and beautiful life God has for her and Ken.

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