Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Twins

For the past two months we have had guests staying over in our apartment above the garage. Those guests started out as just two people.

But a little over a month ago, that number doubled!

Timothy and Hannah joined their mom and dad, who serve on our JV team in Latvia! We've known their mom for 25 years as she came into our first youth group shortly after we moved to the Czech Republic.

Now she's a mom of two precious kids! It's been such a joy to have them stay here with us during the last weeks of pregnancy and for their first month of life for the babies.

The borders have opened up so they are heading home to Latvia today. We had our last time altogether last night in the apartment, enjoying those sweet twins, and their mom and dad!

It felt like we were saying goodbye to more of our kids and grandkids as we prayed for them this morning and took last pictures with them.

I got all choked up as they drove off on their two day drive back home to Riga.

"Blessings on you Roney family as you transition to life at home in Latvia with your precious kids!"

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