Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Just Stopping By

Yesterday mid-morning I was in our kitchen, on the phone with someone, when Dave whispered to me, "Jim and Lina will be stopping by in 10 minutes."

Jim and Lina are long time friends, and long term JV teammates who serve in Germany. They've been here in Czech all week-end with a team of people they work with in Germany, going through ministry foundations with Dave. But because I haven't felt well, I wasn't able to be with them. I was so happy they were stopping by!

But before they arrived, I didn't get a chance to ask Dave what they were coming for, or how long they were staying!

About a half hour into their visit, I asked how long they were going to stay. Dave replied for them, "Until we finish our debrief of the week-end!"

I then asked if they wanted to stay for lunch...because amazingly, I had ingredients for a meal! We were planning to leave for Croatia today, but I'd not only bought things for dinner on Monday night, but miraculously bought extra...I don't even know why, except that the Lord had led me to do that.

Now I know why!

We had such a wonderful afternoon with these dear friends and I'm glad the Lord worked out all the details for their "stopping by" visit.

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