Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Beskydy View

We are in the midst of typical June weather in this part of the Czech Republic, which means a lot of rain, but beautiful colors and light because of it.

Normally at this time of year, we're not here to see this as Dave and I are always in the States for a variety of meetings. But due to the coronavirus, many of those were cancelled or postponed so we're at home this month.

Due to the pain I'm experiencing in my back right now, I don't know how I could have traveled anyway. It's a blessing to be home, and enjoy the beauty of early summer here.

I had stepped out on our balcony this evening to take those photos, and then had gone back inside.

But just a few minutes later, I happened to look outside again and WOW!

The sunset cast this glowing pink hue, giving such an unusual look to our Beskydy mountain view.

It was literally over in just a matter of seconds! But I'm so glad the Lord turned my gaze outside to his creation to enjoy it once again.

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