Monday, June 15, 2020

Visiting Jablunkov

This morning I made my way to Jablunkov, a town in the eastern corner of Czech, near the Polish and Slovak border.

My back is still causing me a lot of pain, so my physical therapist suggested that I see a cardiologist and get blood work done to make sure that nothing serious is going on.

So I came here to see our friend, a wonderful Christian doctor we've known for 25 years.

That's not him! 

He is the one who diagnosed a leaky mitral valve in Dave ten years ago, and oversaw his whole process of surgery to have it fixed here in the Czech Republic.

After a thorough check up on me, with EKG, blood work, and ultrasound, he said that my heart is completely well. Praise the Lord for that! He said I don't have to be concerned that there is something mysterious going on there, which really puts my heart at ease.

But it still doesn't solve the question of why my back keeps seizing up (part of the pain is in my chest and radiates to the back, which is why my physical therapist wanted to make sure it wasn't something deeper).

So now I will prayerfully take the next steps to try and figure out what's going on.

As I drove home I passed this train station and had a flashback of 26 years ago, in February 1994, shortly after we moved here.

We were on our way to Slovakia for some meetings, with two very little kids, and needed lunch on the way. We stopped here at a restaurant here at the recommendation of someone who was in the car with us. I distinctly remember everything feeling so foreign and unknown as we walked in. It's funny that I still have that memory all these years later!

What a comfort it was today to think back on how God has rooted and planted us here, caring for us each step of the way through all these years. And I know He's caring for me right now, even though I can't see yet what the way forward is to healing.

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