Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sundays at Malenovice

What a spectacularly lovely Sunday to go back to church after three months of being online!

Our church actually met for the first time in person last week, but I wasn't feeling well so couldn't go; that service was held in the meeting room at Malenovice.

But this week we were able to meet outside, down in the amphitheater. It was supposed to be raining, and we would have met in the tent. But when our pastor and the team for set up saw that the clouds were clearing and that it didn't look like rain, they moved it outside. I'm so glad! There's nothing like worshipping God outside in nature!

We are still supposed to do social distancing, but no longer have to wear masks if we are outside. So that was a relief as well, being able to enjoy our church service without any constraints.

The building we normally meet in doesn't give us enough space to socially distance. So for now, we'll be meeting up here at Malenovice through the summer, rain or shine.

I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be with our church!

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