Monday, June 1, 2020

Thinking of my Dad

Years ago my dad came from the States to stay with us for a whole month.

We had moved into this house the year before, and were in need of creativity and help in making the outside beautiful. In came my dad and all of his years of yard expertise! 

Among many other things he did during that month, he planted these azaleas, and bought a funny peacock for me. I wanted it in memory of my grandma, my mom's mom, who used to have a live peacock on her farm when I was very little!

Because she had named her peacock, I named mine the same name back then: Charlie. 😂

Who would ever have guessed that we'd have a grandson with that same name?!!

Every time these azaleas bloom I think of my dad, and how thankful I am for him; for his love, generosity, kindness and availability all these years, loving and serving his family and mine.

I love you dad, and am thinking of you today!

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  1. Oh how I LOVE this post about your dear Dad. I sure love him and his tender loving heart for his daughter!