Thursday, August 13, 2020

Birthday Adventure

When Dave asked me how I'd like to celebrate my birthday this year, I said, "I'd like a little adventure with the family!"

So off we went for that adventure, along with some of our kids and grandkids!

This past December, a new attraction opened in the Beskydy mountains that we live in.

It's a downhill sled run, on a track, called "Boboffka"!

It was built last year on an old ski hill that isn't being used anymore.

The track pulls you straight up the hill mechanically, and then releases you to go down as fast, or slow, as you want.

The track is nearly a kilometer long as it twists and turns down the hill, giving you a magnificent view as you go!

We all took several rides down, with Judah joining Dave for the next few runs.

Papa goes fast, and Judah thought that was pretty awesome!

Asher, however, thought one ride down the hill was enough for this time, so he and Lara cheered us on as we went up on another run.

At the suggestion of a friend who happened to be working there to release each sled to go up the hill, Tyler and Claire decided to go down with no brakes.

I'm not that brave...

But did have a great time enjoying the ride at my own pace (with my phone in my lap so I could take that picture and remember the thrill!).

It was so delightful being there with the family. Definitely a memorable adventure for all!

The birthday celebration continued on at one of our favorite restaurants in the village where Claire lives.

Both Dave and Claire had brought party supplies to make my day a happy one!

I am turning 59 years old this year...and feel more alive and well than I ever have in my life! How thankful I am for God's grace and mercy in my life, and for the blessings He has brought all of these years.

My birthday is actually on the 17th of this month, but we will be gone on vacation by then, so I'm super thankful that I got to celebrate with these dear ones today!

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