Monday, August 24, 2020

Goat Cove

Today was another fantastically beautiful day on the island of Lastovo.

As we headed back from the cove where we spent the day, I caught this gorgeous sunset that was the "cherry on top" of the day!

But one of the other "cherries" was this.

Do you see that big old goat resting on the rocks?! We call this "Goat Cove" for that very reason! There is actually "Big Goat Cove" and "Little Goat Cove", and they were in both locations this evening.

We were in the big cove all day, but motored by the little one on our way back to where we sleep, and saw them there too!

I get the biggest kick out of seeing these goats out here, seemingly on the edge of the world! I know they must belong to someone. One of the goats in the pack has a bell, so that's how I know they are not just wild! But they just crack me up as they wander along, happily grazing and taking no notice of us whatsoever.

Speaking of wild...this is what happens to my hair when I'm outside in salty sea air all day, every day!

We'll be heading back to Hvar soon. I'll miss those goats, the sea air, and my wild hair!

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