Monday, August 10, 2020

Birthday Bouquet

For years now I've been ordering bouquets online and having them sent to my mom in the United States for various occasions because I know how much she loves fresh flowers.

And now she's given me flowers!

While she didn't order them, she DID tell me to go buy a bouquet for my upcoming birthday!

We have a joint bank account where she can put money in that I can then draw out here in Czech. So all I had to do was pick out a bouquet that I knew both of us would enjoy and buy it as a gift from her (and my dad too!).

I knew I didn't have a vase that would work for this bouquet (I have just one tall glass vase that I make work for all flowers!) so decided to get this pretty white pitcher to put my birthday flowers in.

When I sent my mom photos, she sent one back to me of flowers she has in her kitchen right now. Notice her vase?!

I didn't even remember that she has my Grandma France's old ironstone white pitcher that looks similar to the one that I have now!

"Thank you for the suggestion to buy birthday flowers from you, Mom!"

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