Sunday, August 9, 2020

New View

Yesterday morning before I left for Hukvaldy with Claire, I took this picture from the patio, just outside our kitchen door.

And this morning, at the same time of day as yesterday, I took this one. Notice anything different?!

For several years we've been talking about taking these trees down because of how they block our view to Lysá hora (the highest mountain in the Beskydy range).

Yesterday was finally the day they came down!

I came home in the afternoon yesterday and found Dave hard at work, sawing, chopping, hauling and cleaning up from his big project.

It doesn't completely solve our view problem as the other trees that block it are on our neighbor's property.

But it did open up our view quite a bit; plus we know those 25 year old trees would have only KEPT growing! So it feels good to have opened up that space.

Dave chopped up some of the wood to be used for campfires outside (it's too "pitchy" for our fireplace), and then dragged the rest of the branches out into the field behind us (owned by friends!) to wait for a rainy day when he can burn them.

And now we're enjoying the new view from two directions!

Those trees were in the far corner of our yard so we've never seen this view before.

I'm thankful for Dave, who worked tirelessly these past two days to make the vision of our new view a reality!

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