Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sabbath Coffee

We could see on the weather forecast that today was going to be such a calm day, that we decided to go out early to our favorite cove, and have breakfast and coffee there, rather than in the cove where we moor at night (where there is absolutely no rocking of the boat at night!).

Our coffee today is extra special, because it's a gift, that came with a request. 

We have known and loved Hannah Ellenwood since she was a little girl, when her parents moved here to serve with Josiah Venture. I always imagined that I would be at her wedding, as she is more like a niece to me than just a friend's daughter.

But, because of coronavirus, we weren't able to be in California for her wedding in June. They had a small, absolutely lovely wedding with those who could be there.

Instead of choosing sadness about all those who couldn't be there, she and her, now, husband, Joseph, chose generosity by sending a gift to everyone who couldn't come. Amazing!

They sent some special coffee, with instructions that we enjoy it on a day of Sabbath, which we did today!

We prayed for them, that God would deeply and richly bless Hannah and Joseph, who are already starting out their lives together by choosing to believe in God's goodness triumphing over difficulties. That will most definitely keep them in the palm of His hand as He loves faith like that!

Thank you for blessing us today, Hannah and Joey! 

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