Monday, August 17, 2020

Lastovo Birthday

Happy 59th birthday to me! Thanks to Claire who had sent it, Dave put up the banner for me this morning, on the boat, to start off my day in the little cove where we moor at night.

After breakfast we headed to the marina for some supplies before heading out to a cove for the day.

Because we've been coming out here for years, we know all of the coves and which ones work depending on the direction of the wind. You don't want to be somewhere that makes the boat unsteady and bounce up and down all day!

We came into a new cove we've never been to for that reason. And what a beautiful one it was to spend my birthday in!

All day the water sparkled and was a feast for the eyes, even into the evening, which is when this was taken, if you can believe it!

It was so calm that it almost looked like we were in a lagoon, rather than in a cove that goes right out into the open sea.

I've now christened this cove as "Birthday Cove", in the way we've named many other ones on this island for different kinds of reasons (like "Charlie's Cove", where we got the news from Caleb and Haley that their first child was born!).

We stayed until sunset, enjoying every minute of this day!

Thank you Lord for LIFE!! (And thanks Dad and Mom for your part in that too! 😉)

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