Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Life is Grand

This morning was play time with the grandkids!

Tyler and Lara asked if they could come over today so Tyler could work in the garden, even though it's such a rainy day.

One of the garden beds was ready to be harvested, so you know, rain or shine, it's got to be done! Love that Tyler has so much resilience!

Back inside, we were having such a fun time up in the play room. 

During coronavirus lockdown, Dave and I completely cleared out what used to be Tyler's room and made it into a play room for the grandkids. That was one of the smartest things we did during quarantine!

It's the first place the kids want to go when they arrive. And of course they want us to come with them!

Judah was in a picture taking mood today, so asked if he could use my phone to do it. Don't you love that those photos are all free?!

He completely set me up there, with the bears, and the balls, and the little dog in my lap, with a ball for his pillow! 🤣

Then he asked me to set him up and take a similar photo. 

You just gotta love kids' creativity! 

And his need for a little "cozy corner" time, with a book and tea!

But then it was back to playtime!

In the meantime, Tyler was out there as the rain poured down even harder, pressing on to get all the vegetables dug out so we can start using them. 

Onion, garlic, turnips and carrots are all ready, with just a few (three to be exact) tomatoes. We are seriously lagging in the tomato department this year!

But Grandpa Patty, the gardener of all gardeners, is going to be very proud of Tyler for his harvest of other things!

They all stayed through lunch as Tyler finished the harvesting, and then spent time planting more in the empty garden bed. He's an optimist that the weather will turn one of these days and we'll get some good sunshine and warmth to help those plants bear more fruit. 

I'm so happy for the garden, and that it brings Tyler, Lara and our dear grandkids over for a morning and afternoon of joy!

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