Thursday, August 27, 2020

Brother Time

What a fun sight to walk in on this morning!

It's really a miracle that Dave's brothers are able to be here right now, especially Steve. Coming from Oregon in the US, he had to have a negative COVID test in order to be allowed into Croatia, and it had to be less than 48 hours old. He got it on his way to the airport, and thankfully it was negative!

With all that's going on in Portland, where he lives (riots have been happening there for 90 days), it's definitely a nice change of scenery to be here in this beautiful place.

Claire and I came down to the sea to hang out for a while together.

And then the brothers came down a little later!

Dave couldn't talk them into jumping off the cliff (something he, our vacationing friends and kids have been doing for years), so he went ahead and did it by himself!

No worries - it's deep!

The three of us then lingered down here for a while, enjoying the sun and time together.

Still no storm...but they say it's on its way!

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