Friday, August 28, 2020

Breakfast for Seven

Claire and I drove into Hvar Town this morning, and made our way through the little streets towards a restaurant there for breakfast.

But it wasn't just breakfast for was breakfast for seven!

Five of our JV ladies are vacationing here as well right now! So we arranged to spend the morning together having breakfast and coffee at the wonderful restaurant simply called "Fig".

Our waiter was quite intrigued by us and asked me who we were, and how we're all connected! 

We had THE BEST time together, sharing about our summers and what God's been doing in our lives.

These are some fierce, brave, godly women, who are giving their lives for the sake of the Gospel in Slovenia, Ukraine and Czech! How proud of them I am, and how I adore each of them!

What joy to have a few hours together today, in a place that is a favorite for us all!

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