Saturday, August 29, 2020

Painting Day

Today was a monumental day for me!

My brother-in-law, Steve, is an oil paint artist, and he brought all of his supplies here to Croatia so that he could paint. But not only that, he was excited to let Claire and I learn from him. So today was day number one of learning to paint with oils!

Oil painting has been one of those bucket list items for me. But you don't go out and buy all the supplies to try it out ... what if you don't like it, aren't good at it, and it just doesn't turn out to be your thing?

I am SO thankful for Steve's willingness to share his talent and supplies with us, to try it out!

Claire is a gifted artist, and has done a lot of different projects with acrylics and water color. But she also has never done oils so was excited to try it.

We worked at it all afternoon, learning, experimenting and actually painting! I wouldn't have thought it possible to actually work on a canvas on the first day. But we did!

We're not anywhere close to being finished, so these are "works in progress".

But I can tell you that I loved the process...learning, making mistakes, and finding beauty in mixing colors.

And I'm deeply appreciative of Steve, who answered every question, every time...all the while, starting a little masterpiece of his own!

That's Claire in the hammock, right there on the terrace!

I'm excited to keep working on my painting this week!

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