Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tasting His Goodness

"Taste and see that the Lord is good."

Over at H20, our training facility in Poland, that is just what we had the joy of doing today.

Hosted for several hours by JV missionary, Greg Carlson, and Fala (Poland's national JV organization) board member, Hanna Mrozek, we heard story after story of God's goodness, faithfulness and miracles here at H20, something I never grow tired of hearing.

I wished I'd had pen and paper, or at least my phone, to take notes on what Greg and Hanna shared with us and our guests today: stories of lives being changed, stories of God's provision, stories of reaching out to the community in this place.

In the midst of much laughter (Greg has such a wonderful way of bringing out joy and laughter in any setting - I love that about him!), we rejoiced with them in the ways this place is being used by God to change people's lives in Poland through the Gospel.

And they're still continuing to dream and believe God for more, which I shout a hearty "Amen" to!

We believe that the Lord's got even more ahead for this facility as it makes an impact on the lives of not only youth, but families, marriages, schools, teachers and businessmen too. These are all groups of people they are currently ministering to through the training center, but want to do more in order to reach them as effectively as possible.

Pray for that!

We enjoyed an incredible lunch, prepared by their new top-notch chef who is not only amazing at his job, but a believer as well who knows this is God's calling on his life. How awesome is that?!

It was pure delight to hear from Hanna at lunch, about her passion and joy in sharing Christ as she works with junior highers as a teacher, but also as a ministry with El Dorado, Fala's outreach to that age group.

Hanna (in the blue sweater) came to Christ at a JV English camp years ago and later attended Fala's year long internship program. She went to university, became a teacher and teaches in a Polish junior high school, but also serves on Fala's board of directors. SO delightful to see how God has led her all these years, and how she's now serving Him with her gifts and talents.

The Lord is so good! And we had yet another taste of that here at H20 today.

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