Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Butterfly Phenomenon

They arrived a few weeks ago.

Four or five of them. Every day.

When the sun is shining on our porch.

Maybe I've never noticed them before, or maybe they've never been here. But it's like our porch is a little butterfly sanctuary right now.

A few weeks ago I almost took out the fading summer flowers from the pot on our porch. Good thing I didn't! This is apparently why they come.

To drink the nectar.

It seems late to have butterflies. I think of them more in the spring and summer, not in late fall. Especially when we've already had frost and snow up on Lysa.

But there they are every day, fluttering and hovering, in and out of the fading flowers when the sun is shining.

I honestly can't get over the beauty of their details. God DID NOT have to do that!

Look how the edges of their wings are scalloped, and the two dots on both sides of their wings are perfectly proportioned. And then the color! So very beautiful.

Do you notice the antennae, arms and legs too? So thin and delicate.

Doesn't it look like this butterfly is lovingly caressing the flower for its nectar?

For sure I'm leaving those flowers in their pots until the butterflies are gone for the winter.

We'll enjoy another one of God's amazing creations while they last.

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