Friday, October 3, 2014

Memorable Birthday in Prague

Nearly ten months ago while visiting friends in the States we posed a question.

Thanking Bob and Sherry for their generous hospitality (they let us to stay at their home in New Hampshire for two months to write our books last fall), we asked, "Why don't you come visit us in Czech next fall??"

And amazingly, they did!

It perfectly coincided with the timing of our trip to Prague just a few days earlier with the JV board members. We had said goodbye to them and their wives on Tuesday, and then got to say hello to our friends on Wednesday, a beautiful fall morning in the city.

And the best part of all? It was Sherry's birthday on Thursday, our day to tour Prague!

Prague put on her best clothes to help Sherry celebrate the day.

It could hardly have been more picturesque as we walked the cobblestone streets of Prague while Dave gave a historical tour from a spiritual perspective throughout the day. Stopping along the way to soak in the sights, he was able to share with them the movement of God that has taken place here over the centuries.

It was one of those extraordinary kinds of days: meaningful conversation, powerful information and sharing our lovely Prague with these dear friends.

Given that it was Sherry's birthday, we made a few stops throughout the day to treat the birthday girl, such as the cafe that sells the best chocolates I've ever had. After trying them, Sherry agreed they were delicious! As we finished our afternoon treat there I suggested we take a picture to remember that part of the day.

But as I was editing photos this evening I literally could not stop giggling when I got to this one.

I don't think you'd find this at a cafe in the States.

Yes, we're in Europe.

Please try to focus on Sherry and I, not on other things in this photo. HA!!!

What other treat did the birthday girl get on her special day? A ride through Prague in a cool open top car!

It's amazing the different perspective you get while whizzing down the streets, seeing beautiful old building after beautiful old building!

Yes I admit, I was pretty giddy getting to do this for the first time!

I'm pretty sure Bob and Sherry enjoyed it every bit as much as we did, snapping photos as fast as I was and noticing all the gorgeous architecture, colors and details.

What a sweet gift to the birthday girl!

The driver took us up around the back of the Prague castle grounds, driving on streets I've only ever walked on.

It was so fun to see the sights from different perspective! I truly never tire of taking in all the detail throughout the city.

How could you ever tire of seeing this?!

Side fact about this car: it's custom made in Ostrava (just 30 minutes from where we live), it's made to look old, it costs $80,000, there are eight cars like this in Prague, they are not in any other city in the Europe!

It was quite an experience getting to see the city from this vantage point.

The Hradčany is beautiful from every side.

We wound our way down into Old Town, popping out right at the square for a glimpse of beautiful old Týnský chrám before heading back to our hotel to get ready for dinner.

Sherry's memorable birthday ended on the rooftop of a restaurant in Malá Strana where we enjoyed a fabulous meal and a delightful time together.

I'm pretty sure it was a birthday that she'll never forget!

"Thank you for taking us up on our offer Bob and Sherry! We're glad you're here to see us in our part of the world!"


  1. Prague is such a magical city...looks like a perfect day!

  2. So very special to read this post and see these pictures. Love you all and so enjoying the fact that you are together.