Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Curiosity at the Letiště

I keep waiting for the weather to turn cold here in Czech. But instead they're saying:

Zbytek října bude neobvykle teplý, slibují meteorologové. Or rather, the rest of October will be unusually warm, promises the meteorologists.

That's sure okay with me!

There are others who are enjoying this weather as well. Some that I've never seen around here.

The noise they were making outside was deafening. Wondering what was going on, I stepped out to see what it was.

A gigantic helicopter flying RIGHT over our house!

Not one to miss out on something interesting, I headed up to our little airport to find out what was going on since it seemed to be flying over that way as well.

It seriously looked like an alien aircraft hovering over the grass airstrip as I walked the airport road.

As I got closer I could see they were practicing some sort of maneuver.

All of a sudden this came into view.

There were people rappelling out of and being lifted up into that helicopter!

I stood and watched for quite a while as it was fascinating! I couldn't ever get close enough to see who it actually was, though my neighbor thought it was the Czech military.

In any case, it was quite a bit of excitement at our normally very sleepy little airfield in Malenovice.

I'm glad curiosity got the best of me on this unusually warm fall day!

** I wrote this post yesterday when it was as beautiful as fall ever gets here, posting it in advance to today.

And now today is a whole other story!

Awake in the night, I heard "Gonzalo" as it pounded outside. Originating as a Force 2 hurricane over Bermuda, it's now bringing heavy rain and wind our direction for the next few days. So much for the unusually warm weather that the newspaper predicted!

This is what they say is happening up on Lysa Hora right now:

I'm glad I captured the beauty of fall in case that was the last of it!

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  1. What a cool thing to get to watch! We are a military family and live near the Fort, so we have helicopters and military planes overhead all day, and artillery and machine gun fire in the background. The funny thing about raising children here is that they think it is normal! They're so used to the house shaking from explosions all day that they don't even blink when a thunderstorm comes through.