Friday, October 31, 2014

It's a Special Day

Not only is Dave's dad, Dick, home from the hospital after open heart surgery (he went home on Wednesday), but it's a special day for another reason.

Today is Dad and Mom's 59th wedding anniversary! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

There is just so much to give thanks to the Lord for in this picture!

A lasting, happy, rich marriage.

A healing, safe-at-home, grateful husband.

A relieved, joyful, healthy wife.

"Oh thank you Lord for your goodness and faithfulness to mom and dad all these years!"

And yes, they got married on Halloween! The back story is that they were in the Philippines (as missionaries) and there'd been a mix-up with their marriage license that made them postpone the wedding date. When the license came through, they got married shortly afterward. And it was Halloween.

It's sure a memorable date for an anniversary!

They're tucked away at home in Denver as they celebrate today, with a big old pile of wood outside their door that dad chopped before his surgery so that they'd stay warm by their fireplace in the weeks to come as he recovers.

SO thankful for my dear in-laws and all the ways God has cared for them through the years!

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  1. I love this and am just JOYFUL and thanking Jesus
    as I read this post!