Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unexpected and Amazing

From the moment we walked outside this morning, I felt like I was in a painting.

With rain beginning to fall as we walked, it was still enchanting to make our way through the streets of Prague as we headed for the airport.

It's been a long time since I've been here in the rain, which gave a different sort of atmosphere than the sunny days we've recently had there. I was enjoying the change.

But by the time we came out of the metro at Dejvická to catch the bus, I was beginning to wonder what our guests would think if the day continued on in its wet, chilly and windy weather.

After dropping off their bags at the hotel, we took them into Old Town Square for their first glimpse of Prague as rain softly fell.

The square is enchanting no matter what the weather is, and I couldn't help myself taking photos as the light was actually spectacular for capturing the colors on the buildings.

With it still lightly drizzling outside, we stepped into Starbucks and sat for an hour telling our guests the story of how Josiah Venture started. Being in the back with no windows, we couldn't see what was happening outside.

When we finished coffee and the first part of the story, we walked out to blue sky and a completely different sort of day!

You would NEVER have known it'd been raining in the morning as the day turned into one of THE most spectacular fall days I've ever seen here!

Everything was sharp and crisp, with the colors vibrant in the clean air that'd been washed by the early rain.

Everywhere I turned, it was a photo op!

After several hours of touring while Dave told the spiritual history of Czech, we made it to the Charles Bridge with our guests, friends from Louisville, Kentucky. The men are elders at a church that partners with JV, and they, along with their wives, are here to learn more about what God is doing here.

He sure put on a spectacular display for them in Prague today!

Seriously!! It was amazingly beautiful here this afternoon!!!

I asked Dave to take a picture of me just to remember being here on such an amazingly beautiful, and ever-changing-weather kind of day!

Every few moments the clouds moved, the sun came and went, and you were rewarded with awesome views and vistas if you just waited...a few seconds!

It was the sort of day you just pinched yourself to see if it was real!

What's crazy is that I've probably been to Prague at least a hundred times over the past 20 years, and it truly never, ever gets old. I love it every time.

But today was definitely one of those "note to self" kinds of days: Don't EVER come to Prague without a camera! Sure glad I had mine today.

After walking for eight hours, with only a few stops, our guests get a big award for effort and perseverance when they were all working off no sleep on the plane last night! At least it was a spectacular day for them to be outside walking.

As we headed back to our hotel for an early dinner, I got one last photo of the day to capture and remember the goodness of the Lord: an unexpected, amazing and spectacular day in Prague.


  1. I seriously love all of these photos. Prague sure is a beauty!

  2. Connie!
    Seriously you should sell these prints (with your watermark).