Monday, October 6, 2014

Raising Up a New Generation

Ten years ago Bogdan, the youth pastor of our church here in Frydlant, invited our son Tyler to help him lead worship.

Tyler, 14 at the time, had just started learning to play bass. But that didn't matter to Bogdan. Though Tyler was a young musician, Bogdan gave him the opportunity to grow in that skill, and practice in the art of leading worship.

A few years later, Bogdan did the same with Caleb. He too started out with the bass and then moved on to guitar, just as Tyler had done. Alongside Bogdan, both boys grew in their musical abilities, and then became worship leaders at our church, as well as into their college years at Moody Bible Institute.

Bogdan's investment in our sons came at a key time in their lives. He not only gave them the opportunity to learn skills, but discipled them towards maturity in their faith as he poured into their lives. Oh how we appreciated his investment! They are both sensitive leaders today because of Bogdan's example.

And now he's at it again with the next generation.

Do you see the worship band who led us yesterday at church?!

Bogdan is continuing his discipleship in worship leading, this time with his own son (in the green shirt on keyboard), and some of the young boys in our church.

This was NOT just kids doing a program!

These are young men in training, learning from a wise man who knows the value of discipling the next generation.

It was pure delight to worship with them yesterday, and I can't wait for the next time!

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