Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mr Till and BMA

When we have guests visiting, we love the opportunity to highlight all that God's doing across the region, as well as what He's doing right in our own backyard.

Today's highlight? Mr Till at BMA!

Paul and his family have lived here ten years, serving at BMA and making an incredible impact on the lives of students (ours included!).

He is a gifted teacher, a one-of-a-kind, and it was so fun to sit in his class today and let our guests see him in action.

When was the last time you studied modal verbs? Do you remember what they are? Ha ha! Yeah, it's been a while for me too.

But thanks to Mr Till's enthusiastic and most enjoyable lesson today, I now remember what they are.

No wonder the BMA students enjoy him so much. He turns mundane modal verbs into something fun and memorable!

Need a reminder of what they are?!

Mr Till is about much more than making English grammar fun and interesting though. He has a passion to see students come to know Christ and to grow in their faith.

We're so thankful for the spiritual impact he's having on the school and in the lives of his students.

After saying goodbye to him and the BMA students, a quick lunch at McDonalds, and a drive into the Ostrava train station, it was time to say goodbye to our friends from Kentucky and Indiana.

"Thank you so much for visiting us Gary, Wendy, Lisa and John. We're thankful for your willingness to come for a week to see what God's doing in Central and Eastern Europe!"

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