Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What's New at BMA

Before saying goodbye to our friends who have been visiting this past week, we had one more important place in our Czech world that we wanted them to see.

Beskydy Mountain Academy was a significant and valued part of our family's lives for many years.

All three of our kids attended high school at this excellent Czech Christian gymnasium (that's the Czech word for 'high school') here in Frýdlant.

Founded in 2003, our oldest son, Tyler, entered BMA just two years later in 2005, followed by Caleb in 2007 and Claire the following year.

When she graduated in 2012, we'd had someone from our family there over the course of seven years. It was a joy to watch our kids flourish there, and to watch the school grow as it added teachers and students through the years.

See HERE for my 10th anniversary post about the school.

I haven't been inside the school now for a year and a half. But because we still know teachers and students there, and believe in the mission and philosophy of the school, it's a place we like to tell about when we have guests here.

Plus, I wanted to go inside because I'd heard there had been some changes.

Namely, this one.

During the years our kids went to school there, BMA did not have an option for getting snacks or lunch while at school. Either our kids went back to their elementary school in town to have lunch, ran to a grocery store for something quick, or more often, just came home at the end of their day (usually around 2:30-3) and ate a late lunch.

But this summer BMA took a big step forward!

They renovated a space inside their building to make a "Jídelna"! (That's Czech for cafeteria).

They created a beautiful space that's bright and cheery, and offers snacks, drinks and a hot meal for students.

"What would that have been like to have back in your days there Tyler, Caleb and Claire??"

Not only that but BMA replaced the old "Šatna" system (a caged coat room) and added lockers for the students as well, something you don't usually find here!

It was so great to see these improvements, as well as visit with a few of the teachers and the dear secretary who's been there since the beginning.

After finishing up at the school, it was time to head to the train station and say good-bye to our dear friends, Bob and Sherry.

"Thanks for taking time to come see us in our world! We loved sharing it with you!"

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