Friday, October 17, 2014

Proud Mama

I felt like a proud mom all day today.

With our guests from Louisville, KY here visiting, we arranged for a number of our teammates to come share what God has them doing in their section of the ministry of Josiah Venture.

Throughout the day I either felt like standing up and cheering, or I was overcome with emotion and just wanted to cry in thankfulness to the Lord for how He's working.

Either way, it left me with that proud mom feeling!

Credit: Exit Tour team

This morning before we left Prague, Kevin Dickson and Jéňa Pospíšil, our Exit Tour leaders, came for breakfast at the hotel to share about what happened just THIS WEEK on Exit Tour in Karlovy Vary.

They shared the Gospel face to face with over 700 students, prayed with some to receive Christ, saw God answer some major prayer, and were lights for Christ in a very dark place.

I got choked up hearing about it. I love how God is using them across the country as they've been in 164 schools sharing the Gospel over the past eight years. (Click HERE to see photos from the Karlovy Vary tour).

After a train ride back to Ostrava, and a drive up to Malenovice (our training center), we had a tour with Petr and Radek of the whole facility.

Again, another proud mama moment as they talked about how God has made it possible for us to continue building this place to accomplish God's work. He is using Malenovice for so many amazing Kingdom building opportunities!

And finally in the evening we gathered together some more of our dear teammates to share their testimonies and stories of what God's done and is doing through them...too many for me to even mention!

But I can tell you it was moving to hear each one of them as they shared their heart and passion to reach young people with the Gospel, and to be disciples who make disciples.

God has called together such an amazing group of people to join Him in accomplishing His work here in Central and Eastern Europe. And it was a joy to be reminded again today of ALL that HE is doing to reach this generation with the good news of the Gospel!

I am SO proud of all of them for their courage, faith and commitment to the Lord to reach the next generation for Christ.

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