Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Poland to Ostrava to Prague

I started off my day in sleepy Cieszyn, Poland this morning.

Usually the streets are full of people, young and old alike. But students were in school this morning, and I guess the older ones hadn't made it out yet.

Because I didn't have to watch where I was going like I usually do, I gazed up at buildings I've passed many times before.

What unusual and interesting ornamentation was way up there! Can you imagine people putting things like this on buildings today?

My destination this morning was an early appointment with my Polish hairdresser.

After taking care of a few, ahem, gray hairs, I hung out in the square while I waited for a lunch appointment.

I sent my phone in for repair yesterday so will be phone-less for a few weeks. Sitting here in the square without it reminded me of twenty years ago when I was in this city on October 27th without a phone.

How can I remember that I was there on that exact day?

My longtime friend, Laura, who started out this crazy adventure of living in Czech and Poland to reach young people, gave birth to her son in this city on that day. Our two October babies were born just 19 days apart.

We had fun reminiscing and remembering how we managed to live 'way back then' without our phones!

After a delightful lunch together I rushed to my car and headed to the train station in Ostrava to meet up with Dave. Why?

So we can spend the night in Prague and be at the airport bright and early to pick up more guests who are arriving tomorrow.

We'll spend the day with them in the city as Dave gives his spiritual history tour, then travel with them by train back to Frydlant on Friday where they'll stay through next Tuesday.

I'm sure there will be a few posts about their visit in the days to come!