Thursday, October 30, 2014

Memories: A Party and All That Flannel

As I drove home from spending the day in Poland with a friend, memories flooded my mind.

It must've been something about the deep red sunset, the smoky sky, the dim light as the days are growing shorter, and of course, that fact that I was driving in Poland.

The memory was on my mind so much so that I had to come home and go digging for photos from exactly twenty years ago.

Recognize us??

We were just about to leave our house in Havířov and head over to Poland to our first costume party as relatives of "Al" from the old US television program, "Tool Time".

(And just to set the record straight...I've got pillows underneath all that flannel I'm wearing!)

Remember Al, his beard, tools and flannel shirts?! Here are a few of his relatives.

The classic "I don't want to be in this picture" photo!

Caleb looks less than pleased to be in that scratchy homemade beard, though I have to say I was pretty proud of my resourcefulness back then in being able to make beards for my little family.

That day twenty years ago we traveled over to Ustroń, Poland for Jacob Hash's first birthday party.

Dan, Laura and one year old Jacob

Our teammates, Jim and Lina Miller (who now serve in Germany with JV), were there as well, with their children Nathan and Emily. I remember laughing together when we all showed up in flannel!

Notice Claire's pearl bracelet, just to make sure everyone could tell she was a girl?!

And then there was the famous artist, (aka Susan Ellis, who still serves on our JV team in Poland along with Dan and Laura), who showed up at the party too!

Awwww, those are sweet memories from our early days here!

I had to laugh at this last photo that I found next to the party photos. On the back it said, "Some happy boys with their new gloves, hats, and green pumpkins".

Who knows where we found those pumpkins way back then. Maybe at an outdoor market sold by a farmer? It's not like there was a pumpkin patch to go to back then (nor is there today!).

But we made do and enjoyed what we had. So fun to enjoy these memories today!


  1. How fun! I noticed Claire's bracelet in the first picture. Great idea! My oldest daughter didn't have much hair for the longest time and she was a cow for her first Halloween. There was nothing feminine about her costume, so I put a pink mesh head band around her head. We went to a party at my husband's work and one guy was still confused after we told him her name, Grace. Finally he said, "Oh, it's a girl!!!"

  2. Great Post! I've never seen those pictures before. Perfect for TBT (throw back Thursday).

  3. Oh Con....your outfit just made the picture over the top! Pillows under your dress made you extra "in the spirit" as you went the extra mile to be a pioneer wife! I'm so laughing at that one! And yes, I'm very impressed with your ingenuity to have gotten beards and checked flannel for your whole brood! You go girl!!! Love ya!

  4. LOL. Caleb says I look like a boy! Thanks for thinking of me at least with the pearls, but still... the beard??