Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Being Still Today

Awake at 8 this morning, I was back in bed by 9 not feeling well at all.

While I definitely had physical symptoms that were unpleasant, I knew there was another possibility of what was going on.

The Lord was simply asking me to be still and pray.

I don't like feeling ill, but I also don't mind when the Lord puts me to bed. There is something really sweet about tuning into his wavelength and just praying around the world for those I love and care about.

By this evening I'm feeling much better. Even made this delicious tomato soup that was nourishing and comforting after a day in bed.

I wanted to take a picture when it was finished but honestly I was so hungry that I forgot! I'll definitely be making it again so maybe will get pictures another time.

Instead I'll leave you with a sweet one of Kaylee. When she didn't come in for a while this afternoon, I went out to find her. There she was on our road, just sitting.

I think she's waiting for Dave to come home!


  1. That last picture!! I love her. :) Glad you're getting some rest, and glad the Lord knows how to get our attention too!

  2. Sorry you weren't feeling better. Hope you are improving. Little Kaylee. She's wondering where everyone went, especially her girl. It's a cold night here and windy and Sassy wants me to leave the back door open so she can sit on her bum and sniff out the door.