Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wind, Baking and Other Occurences

Windy, windy, WINDY!!!

I really should've taken a video of the extreme winds we had again today, which also brought beautiful blue skies and sunshine.

The next best thing to demonstrate the power of the wind? A (slightly) willing model out on the lawn this afternoon.

No photography studio fan on this model's blowing ears - it's the real deal!

But that wasn't all that was going on today.

Our church is providing food for the Exit Tour team this week, and I signed up for breakfast tomorrow.

For 28 people!

So it was an all afternoon affair of mixing, baking and cleaning.

Sixty muffins and four dozen cookies later, they're ready to go for tomorrow morning.

The muffins are gluten free apple-carrot (so I could eat them too!) while the cookies are orange cranberry (not GF). Recipes HERE and HERE.

One of these days I'm going to have to figure out how to make these cookies gluten free because they are something special!

In the midst of my baking afternoon, I had a visitor. A very kind "grandpa-like" chimney inspector!

I couldn't resist a quick photo on my borrowed phone (I get my own back tomorrow after three weeks in repair!) just to remember this enjoyable old man.

In the kitchen from 1:30-7:00, I watched the day go by as I baked...full sunshine and wind, then shadows of late afternoon, which of course turned into darkness (and even stronger wind) by 4:45.

I forgot how early it gets dark here in November!

Lysa Hora on the right with the familiar red light blinking on top!

And one last occurrence of the day. Something I've never had happen in eighteen years of using beautiful Polish pottery.

After cleaning up the last of the baking mess, finally ready to sit down and relax for a few moments, I heated water for tea and then put it into my cup as I have literally done a thousand times.

In a nano second, my mug cracked and water began pouring out the bottom.

Goodbye beautiful mug.

Guess it's time to buy some more pottery?!


  1. Can I just say how HAPPY THIS POST MAKES ME??! Seriously, I would gladly have spent this day with you. Right from the wind, to Kaylee, to baking, even to laughing about the mug! I love the simplicity and beauty of this day. You know I do! :) Glad you captured it!

  2. As I was reading and enjoying Kaylee pictures, and food, I'd already told myself I need to comment and tell Connie how much I love Polish pottery, especially when I saw that big bowl. Joyce sent me some for my 50th, and my mom did too last year, from the store in Englewood. So I have my collection started. And then at the end you actually talk about it. Sorry about your mug. Save it and break it up and you can make a mosaic trivet or something. :)

  3. Time to buy some more pottery.. especially after donating so many beautiful ones to the office!