Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gnomes, Devils and thoughts from the Mall

Why post about Christmas decorations at the mall??

Because for the first time in a number of years they've made a change that makes it easier on my soul to be there for Christmas shopping.

No, it's true these decorations have nothing to do with the real reason for Christmas. But they're at least cheery and pleasant to look at.

For a number of years the decorations at one of our malls were disturbing and unpleasant for me.

I honestly don't enjoy seeing devils at the mall when I shop for Christmas.

These are people who've dressed up and are most likely in a mall on December 6th for the day of Mikulas.

But for years the displays didn't even include Mikulas (St Nicholas) or the angels. It was only little devils staring out at you as you walked through trying to remember why you're there.

Does this make you think of Christmas?

St. Nicholas, the devil and the angel are all characters who are part of the holiday on December 6th called “Mikulas”, known throughout Europe. The three visit Czech children on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day and give them either sweets or a sack of gifts from the devil (typically known to be black coal or raw potatoes), depending, of course, on whether a child has been good or bad.

I realize this is supposed to be fun and games for children as they prepare for the holidays, and I understand the tradition.

I just don't want to look at devils when I'm Christmas shopping.

It's hard enough to be in a country where few celebrate the true meaning of Christmas: that Jesus came as a baby, was without sin, and became the sacrifice for our sin so that we could be reconciled to God by our acceptance of His payment.

Sigh. I wonder if there will ever be mall decorations that show him with Mary, Joseph and the shepherds?

While cute gnomes don't lead me to that understanding, at least it's softer on my soul as I walk by them thinking about the real "reason for the season".

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