Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Belated Birthday

A sweet friend mailed me a birthday package back at the beginning of September. She told me it was a little bit late but hoped that I'd still enjoy being celebrated a few weeks after my birthday.

Who doesn't like to get a late birthday package?! I could hardly wait.

But the package never arrived. And in fact, it was delivered back to her from the Czech Postal Service. For no reason we can figure out.

You wonder where it was all that time since it just arrived back to her a week ago?? But thankfully it arrived back to her in time to mail it to Dave while he was still in the States last week.

And so, I finally got to celebrate my birthday again yesterday, three months to the day from when I had it in August!

My friend wrote in her card, "Hopefully it will bring some cheer to a regular day" - and it most certainly did!

This next photo isn't the most flattering one - I was enjoying the fragrance of some yummy tea that she sent in the package. But what I love most about this photo is that she happens to be in that picture just behind me on the right!! See her peeking out of it with her daughter, Claire and I?

"Polly, that picture is there all the time! I'm glad you get to see that's where it sits, right in my kitchen!"

So many sweet surprises in the long awaited package! THANK YOU so much!!!!

But here's what's crazy...that wasn't the only belated birthday gift I opened yesterday!

My precious mother-in-law sent one to me as well! How fun is that...three months after the fact, I'm opening gifts from two dear people in my life!

And oh what a pretty gift mom sent for me!

And I especially loved her note and other gift!

Thank you Mom and Polly for making a regular November day a special one for me! I felt your love and am sending hugs and kisses right back to you both!

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