Saturday, November 8, 2014

"After Party": Follow-Up

What a privilege to spend this morning at church with the Exit Tour team, the guys from 'Safe Haven', and our church team - all of whom have been giving their hearts, lives and time here in Frydlant this week to share the Gospel with hundreds of kids.

The stories were incredible, showing once again that students are open and hungry for "something". They don't know what it is necessarily, but they want to talk about it.

At the same time, the battle for souls here is ever present - and that was obvious from the stories as well.

One thing we say here: "It's a spiritual battle for every single soul that comes to Christ." And it takes time. So please continue to pray for students here in our town.

Last night 218 people were at the concert, 48 Bibles were personally handed out, and 40 indicated on the response card that they want to know more about God.

Now follow up begins!

When I dropped off cookies and muffins at church this afternoon for the Exit Tour "After Party", there were at least 75 students packed into the room. So exciting to see that many young people in our church!

Our church team will begin to personally follow up with new relationships that were made at the schools this week, and continue to share their lives and the Gospel.

With great hope and expectation, we're praying that the seeds that were planted this week will result in many students putting their faith in Jesus and being transformed by Him.

We are still praying and believing God for a spiritual revival in this region!

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