Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Family in Chicago

After a full day of meetings, I'm finally at home tonight getting some work done while the wind howls outside. Accuweather's report on what's happening?

Strong wind with gusts>70 km/h, on exposed areas>90 km/h.
Minor damage to trees is expected.
Possible minor damage to some bulidings (particularly to tiles, slates and chimneys).
Difficult driving conditions especially on exposed roads or bridges. Motorists advised to drive with particular care.

Glad there's no reason for me to be out driving in this crazy weather. Even Kaylee, our dog, doesn't want to go outside on this blustery night!

While I'm here holding down the fort in Czech, some of my other family members are together in Chicago today.

"Thanks for the photo, Claire!"

That's my brother-in-law, Josh, and nephew, Blake visiting at Moody today!

Blake graduates from high school in Slovenia (where his family serves with JV) this coming May, 2015. So he's on a college trip with his dad checking out schools in the States. Of course I love that he's at Moody with Caleb, Haley and Claire today, and glad it's one of his options!

If I can't be with any of my family today, at least some of them are together!

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