Monday, November 3, 2014

And So It Begins

Tomorrow morning at 6:15 AM, the Exit Tour team will arrive at its first school for another week of concerts, lectures, conversations, relationship building, fun, and boldly sharing the Gospel.

With students right here in our own town of Frýdlant nad Ostravicí!

I just got back tonight from two hours with our church youth group and Fusion students who are joining together with the team to reach their peers, in their schools, with the good news of Jesus.

Czech Exit Tour leaders, Kevin Dickson and Jéňa Pospíšil, shared about what's ahead for the week, and what to expect as we join God in what HE wants to do here in our town these coming days.

I so appreciated their focus and commitment to prayer as they led us in an hour of praying for God to move in the lives of all they come in contact with during Tour this week: students, teachers, administrators, parents, and townspeople.

The band, "Safe Haven", fresh off a tour from Australia and London, arrived just this morning so they don't have much time to adjust before they're on tomorrow: meeting kids, giving talks, playing concerts, sharing their testimonies, and being a witness for Christ.

May the Lord strengthen these four young men who are committed to boldly sharing their lives and faith this week!

Joined by our Czech interns in KAM's program, "Journey", they, along with our youth and leaders, will all pour their hearts and lives out this week as they seek to reach our town with the Gospel.

Kevin shared in the beginning that one of his prayers is that every student they are in contact with this week will have the opportunity to clearly hear the Gospel at least once during the week.

Will you join me in praying for that too?

Tom Graumann and his wife, Carolyn, are once again on the Exit Tour sharing their lives and testimonies. Tom was one of the children saved by Nicholas Winton back in 1939 when Mr. Winton organized the rescue of 669, mostly Jewish, Czech children from the grip of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War. His testimony is a powerful one as he talks about being "twice saved".

It was nice to see them again after meeting them many years ago when they first served in Czech

When I arrived back home tonight, our little dog was especially noisy in her greetings, almost as if she wanted to tell me something.

Following her into the living room, I found this sight.

The rocks on the front of our fireplace had fallen off while I was gone. Imagine what a commotion, and scare, that must've been for her at home alone!

My first thought?

"And so it begins!"

Dave is gone and Exit Tour is about to start. So OF COURSE there will be some strange occurrences in the days to come. It always happens.

But I'm praying that the strangest of occurrences will be the lives changed by Jesus this week.

May this be the beginning of a small revolution and revival in our part of the world!


  1. Wow. Now why does that last picture not surprise me? Standing in faith with you for these two weeks! I know from experience that you never know what will happen when Dad is gone and things are going on in JV! But it's all for the glory of God, which is awesome. :)