Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Malenovice

What a wonderful day with our JV family!

One hundred of us from Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine gathered at Malenovice for our annual Thanksgiving celebration.

It takes three whole turkeys to feed us all, and Mel's up for the job of serving everyone!

We're definitely not lacking in good food as we all pitch in and bring our favorite dishes to share.

And what an array of amazing desserts to be had after the big meal...or before, depending on who you are! :)

After missing Thanksgiving together last year since we were in the States, it was a joy to share the meal together with Dan and Laura.

While the meal and fellowship is always special, the highlight of the day comes in the evening.

That's when we get to see our JV Kids in the annual talent show. And let me tell you, it's amazing what these kids can do!

They sing, recite poems in second languages, and draw lovely butterflies.

They show us their floor-ball, canvas painting and Sudoku and coloring skills!

They fight epic lightsaber battles, play amazing pieces on the piano, and rap riddles!

The play beautiful guitar and piano.

And sometimes they even get the dads up there to learn dance moves.

Then practice doing the jive with their daughters! Way. Too. Much. FUN!!!

With the evening moderated and led by our older JVK, over twenty of our JV kids shared their amazing gifts and talents with us last night.

It was another wonderful talent show, something I'm so glad we've incorporated into our JV Thanksgiving celebration all these years!

I'm so thankful for this incredible bunch of kids, and all the rest of our JV family too!


  1. I love that JVK talent show is in our DNA so that we have that as a key part of our JV South Thanksgiving!

  2. Hope you're enjoying the leftovers! Miss you all ...

  3. Glad I got to watch the performance! :_