Thursday, November 27, 2014

JV Turkey Trot

Happy Thanksgiving from our JV family!

The celebration began at 8 AM with our annual Turkey Trot out at Olešná, a beautiful lake just 15 minutes from Malenovice.

At just 32 degrees, everyone was raring to get going, including these awesome JVK!

With over 50 of us there to participate, we put on our shirts (hand drawn by one of our teammates, John Kloosterhuis - aren't they fun?!) and headed to the starting line.

Even the littlest participants had shirts to put on!

Sure loved seeing so many of our JVK out there bright and early, ready to go!

There were all sorts of JV trotters this morning...serious runners, walkers, kids on scooters.

And even Matt and Amy in costumes! LOVE their creativity!

Just a few short minutes later and they're off!

I had to laugh as we all passed these fellows just a few minutes later, having a very different sort of morning on the lake.

Don't you wonder what they thought when they heard all that whooping?

The views around the lake were just gorgeous this morning. An ever changing feast of color and texture.

Amy, Lina, Laura and I banded together and enjoyed our walk around the lake together!

There sure were some magnificent vistas along the way.

The air was just as still as could be, with the lake a beautiful mirror. It really couldn't have been a prettier morning for the Turkey Trot.

Five kilometers later, I loved that most everyone waited for all the trotters at the finish line.

And we all cheered Hampton on as he sprinted in!

Thanks for inspiring us with your great costumes, and thanks to all for joining in the fun!

Third Annual JV Turkey Trot: A Success!


  1. HOW FUN. I just might need to take a walk/jog around here when I'm home! :)

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