Friday, November 7, 2014

Safe Haven Concert Tonight

The culmination of Exit Tour in Frydlant took place tonight with an excellent concert by the band who's been here all week, Safe Haven!

What a great show they put on!

Made up of three brothers and a childhood friend of theirs, these guys have been together for eleven years, are excellent musicians, and have a lot of fun on stage!

But what I appreciate most about them is their love for Jesus, and authentic desire to live out their faith. All week long, from morning to night along with the Exit Tour team, they've been reaching out with love and personal interest in students they've met.

One of the groups of people they spent time with was our Fusion choir. Halfway through the concert Marek (in the hat, and one of KAM's interns this year) came on stage and asked for a show of hands if there were any Fusion students in the audience. It was a surprise to me, but of course not to them.

They were part of the concert along with the band tonight!

What a fun opportunity for them!

Who are the unsung heroes on a night like tonight?

The Exit Tour tech and sound crew who did a great job at lights, video and sound. Awesome job guys!

As the evening went on, students seemed to enjoy the band more and more, dancing and singing with great enthusiasm.

Towards the end of the concert, Gil, the lead singer, spoke clearly about faith in God and encouraged students to ask questions and pursue knowing Him.

His interaction with the students was engaging and genuine throughout the night, and I kept praying that they would see Christ in him as I know that was his desire.

While I wished more students had been there because it was such a great night, I kept thinking, "But who knows what's happening in the hearts of those who ARE here?" And I prayed for conversations afterward with the band, the Exit Tour team, and students from our youth group who brought friends.

"Oh Lord! May there be some who come to know you as a result of this week's Tour here in our town!"

After what surely must've been an exhausting concert after two hours, the band still selflessly gave of themselves as they posed for pictures, signed Bibles, and talked with students afterward.

Recognize anyone in the photos below?

My daughter-in-law, Lara (in the middle of the band), sent me the photo on the left yesterday. She'd met the band several years ago in the States because of her youth pastor who knows them, and couldn't believe they were here on Exit Tour in Frydlant!

I had fun showing that picture to the band tonight, and got a picture with them too ("Lara, they said they remembered you!).

Pray that the impact of what took place here in Frydlant will continue on after Exit Tour is finished (there is one last After Party tomorrow afternoon at our church), and that there will be student's lives changed for all of eternity as a result of the ministry here this week.

"Thank you Exit Tour team and Safe Haven for your investment in the lives of students on behalf of Jesus!"

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  1. These are awesome pictures, Mom! Well captured! I can't believe Lara had a picture with them! Haha - before we even knew her! :D